Android User Guide

Filter and Search

The TEFL Handbook app has filter and search functionality built into the action bar of the topic list page.

1. Filter

To filter by language level, select the drop-down menu from the action bar to display the list of language levels. Tap the desired language level on the drop-down menu to filter out topics from other levels.

2. Search

Select the search icon on the right hand side of the action bar to open the search entry field and keyboard. The search functionality will search within the scope of the selected value in the drop-down filter. So if you wish to search through all topics regardless of level, make sure that 'All Topics' is the selected filter value.

Navigating Lesson Plans

The topic screen gives you access to a sample board as well as activities and games.

1. Board Work

To access the sample board, simply select the expand icon in the centre of the board area and wait for it to load. The sample board page itself will open in full-screen landscape mode to optimize it's usability. Also, the sample board will force the screen to stay active, this is to better support in-class use. The sample board screen also supports double-tap and pinch to zoom. To navigate away from the sample board page, use your device's back button.

2. Expandable Content for Activities and Games

To view the full content for activities and games, tap once inside the content area to expand, and again to collapse.

If you have any further questions relating to the application's functionality, please ask a question through the site's forum.


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