An EFL / ESL Lesson Planner


iOS & Android

Ideas & inspiration

For busy English teachers

Practical ESL lesson plans, activities and games that can be adapted for any classroom.

Cut down on planning time

The TEFL Handbook

An ESL lesson planner for English Teachers

Available on Phones & Tablets

Get Inspired

Over 100 ESL lesson plans, 300 activities & 100 games to use in the classroom.

Efficient Lesson Planning

Improves the focus on the low level individual needs of the classroom by removing some of the burdens of high level planning.

Fluid Navigation

A powerful and elegant user interface that provides ESL teachers with smooth navigation through the content.


Powerful Search

Two-tier search functionality provides quick and easy access to materials, as well as perspectives on course outlines.


Highly Adaptable

All activity ideas have been designed to be used in any classroom, independent of resources.

Classroom Fun

Over 100 fun and creative ESL games which can be adapted for any classroom.

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