Spend less time planning.
Teach more confidently.

A well-organised collection of English teaching materials for busy and under-resourced teachers.

A well-organised collection of English teaching materials for busy and under-resourced teachers.

A comprehensive library of teaching resources. Offline, and at your fingertips.

ESL lesson plans, activities, games and resources

Mobile lesson planning

Everything you need to plan fun and effective lessons


Print and email functionality means that you'll never be stuck without your favourite lesson plans.


Packed full of well-designed classroom activities that require minimal planning time and resources.


We include notes on grammar presentation for each lesson. These are especially useful for new teachers.


Each lesson plan contains one or two fun ideas for games. A fantastic way to wrap up any great lesson.

Grammar presentation

We know that teaching complex grammar on the board can be a daunting task for new teachers.

Each lesson contains a suggestion and notes on how to present the target language of the lesson.

Save on time and paper

Packed with fun ESL activities and games for low-resource classrooms, so you can always be confident that you'll find the perfect idea when you need it.

Customer reviews

"Really great start. This a fantastic app for quick reference in the classroom, please keep it up!"

Hoff Mania

"Brilliant!!! As a TEFL teacher in his first year, this is exactly what I was looking for. Keep up the good work!"

Ed Burke

"I've just started a TEFL course and hit a snag. An assignment for a lesson plan on present continuous! This app is great!!! A welcome resource of ideas and information."

Christopher Cook

"Exactly what ESL teachers need!!"

Ruben Scapin

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We want busy and under-resourced English teachers to spend less of their free time planning lessons and feel more confident in the classroom.


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