ESL Activities and Games | Teaching prepositions of place

Grammar | 60 - 90 minutes

An ESL lesson plan for teaching prepositions of place to beginners. It contains a lead-in activity along with some fun ESL activities and games.

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Use of the board

The sample board below illustrates one way that you could introduce or review prepositions of place. As the board implies, step through each preposition and use images to elicit them from the students.

EFL - ESL Lead-in activity for beginners | Prepositions of place


Preposition sentences

In this writing activity, the students will create phrases that describe images on the board. 

This activity works better if you have done the board work for the lesson. If you have used the sample board, have your students make five sentences that describe the images. If not, they can write about different objects in the classroom.

Where is everything?

Students will write sentences that describe a typical bedroom. 

Start by drawing a simple bedroom on the board. It should contain the traditional bedroom furniture and objects. Elicit as many of these as possible and add labels to the drawing: 

Bedside table 
Chest of drawers 

When you have finished your drawing, have the students select five objects and write sentences about them using the prepositions they have learned.

My room

For this activity, students will use the target language of the lesson to write a description of their bedroom. 

Before they begin, you could write a description of your bedroom on the board to help them get started. 

In my bedroom, there's a bed next to the wall. 
There are books on the shelf...

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20 Questions: Prepositions of place

Students use questions containing prepositions to identify an item in the room that their classmate is thinking of. 

You might want to demo this first, so start by selecting a student at random and ask them to think of an arbitrary object in the classroom. They must know the English for that word. You'll now ask the student questions until you guess the item correctly. A dialogue might look like the following: 

Teacher: Is it behind me? 
Student B: No, it isn't 
Teacher: Is it next to the boxes? 
Student B: Yes, it is. 
Teacher: Is it the radio? 
Student B: Yes, it is. 

When the students understand how the game works, they can play themselves. The player who guesses correctly thinks of the next item.

More ESL lesson plans for beginners

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