ESL activities and games for asking "What's this?"

Functional language | 60 - 90 minutes

A collection of ideas and resources for teaching young learners how to ask and answer basic "What's this?" style questions. Feel free to use these ideas to form the basis of a lesson plan or to supplement an existing one.

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Use of the board

The sample ESL board work introduces students to the dialogue and grammar that will form the focus of this lesson. Students learn to ask basic questions and identify the correct indefinite articles to use with their responses. As always, the teacher should try to elicit as much as possible from the students using actions or the students' L1.

EFL - ESL Lead-in activity for beginners | What's this


Indefinite articles

Students have to fill in the gaps with the correct article.

Add the following style of prompts to the board for the students to complete with a or an:

_ man
_ bag
_ umbrella
_ pencil case
_ glass of milk
_ orange door
_ old man

Have the students work on these individually, and correct the exercise together at the end.

What's this?

A quick and easy speaking activity where the teacher asks questions about different items in the classroom.

Go round the room asking each student a question about an object in the classroom. Before they begin, go over the language structure of the answer that you will expect and add a simple example to the board.

Teacher: What's this?
Student: It's a chair.

Can you identify this?

The students work in pairs identifying different objects in the classroom, using the target language for the lesson.

The students will work in pairs, moving around the room identifying classroom objects using the language from the previous activity. Monitor them for the correct usage of articles and help them with any new vocabulary they encounter.

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Relay challenge: Articles

Two teams of players race to the board to add statements containing articles. 

To begin, divide the class into two teams and have them form two queues at the back of the room or at least a metre from the board. On each turn, a student will move to the board and write a word (including the article). When they have finished writing their word, they'll hand the marker to the next person in their team. Students are not allowed to copy words from the opposing team's list. 

The round ends when everyone from one of the teams has had a turn. To encourage longer answers, score a point for each correct letter.

More ESL lesson plans for beginners

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