EFL - ESL activities and games for teaching questions about the future

This A2 ESL lesson plan contains practical activity and game ideas for teaching elementary level students(A2) how to ask questions about the future. As always, our ideas and lesson plans require minimal resources(markers and a whiteboard). If you use an iOS or Android device, don't forget that you can get offline access to these materials, along with a much more extensive selection of ESL lesson plans, through the TEFL Handbook app.

Lead-in activity

The sample board below assumes that the students have prior knowledge of talking about the future using going to + infinitive. Start off by adding a couple of going to + infinitive statements to the board and having the class attempt to form questions from them. After that, elicit some example short-form responses. Finally, run through a few Wh- questions and explain how they change the meaning of these questions.

EFL - ESL Board work for questions about the future | Elementary

ESL activities for questions about the future

What are your plans?

In this ESL speaking activity, students start by writing down six typical weekend activities. They will then use this list to interview each other about their plans for the weekend:

Are you going to...this weekend?
What are you going to do on Sunday?

Wh- Questions: Future

A challenging ESL speaking activity that will get your students thinking about Wh- questions. Begin by eliciting some more future time expressions that you can use with these type questions and make a list on the right-hand side of the board. If you can, use the L1 to help you elicit these time expressions:

This Friday / Saturday / month / year
On Saturday morning
On Friday night
In the summer
In August
Next week / Tuesday / month / year

The students will now make 3 - 5 Wh- questions using the new time expressions. Once they have finished, they can use these questions to interview their partner about their plans. The students should record their partner's answers for the next activity.

Now tell the teacher

Go around the class asking each student 3-4 questions about their partner's answers. They should report back their answers in the third person singular. Correct any mistakes you hear:

Teacher: What was your second question?
Student A: Where are you going to go on holiday this summer?
Teacher: And where is he going to go?
Student A: He’s going to go skiing in France

Ideas for ESL games

Where am I going?

Students take turns describing what they are going to do at a place while the other students try to guess with questions. This can be both a team game or individual. Students should be encouraged to come up with their own ideas, but there's a few below the dialogue in case they get stuck:

Student A: I’m going to watch a movie.
Student B: Are you going to the cinema?
Student A: Yes, I am.

Other places: Beach, sports centre, train station, football stadium, London, supermarket, library, theme park, your bedroom, a restaurant, a park.

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If you've found these ideas useful, be sure to check out our complete list of ESL lesson plans for elementary level students, A2 lower and A2 upper. For other levels, see the entire collection of ESL lesson plans. Also, iOS and Android users can access all of our materials through the TEFL Handbook app. An ESL lesson planner for English teachers.

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