Frequently Asked Questions

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Does purchasing a membership give you access to the app and website?

Yes, if you pay for either of the membership options, you will have complete unrestricted access to all current and future content through all of our platforms.

If I purchase a 1-Year Membership, will I be automatically charged the next year?

No, the charge for the 1-Year Membership is non-recurring, so you won't be automatically charged at any point in the future.

If I download the app, which content will I have access to?

If you are not a member, you can access all of the same resources that are free on the site. Members can log in to our Android and iOS apps to get full access.

What kinds of new teaching resources can I expect in the future?

We are currently developing a course for complete beginners aimed at adult learners. Other resources in the pipeline are thematic vocabulary lists, verb lists, assessment materials, placement tests, revision drills and warmers.

After that, we plan on reorganising our resources into separate courses and lessons for adults, teenagers and children. These will be a mix of thematic cross-curricular units, grammar lessons, functional language lessons and worksheets.

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