Places in town

Low-resource ESL lesson plan
Low-resource ESL lesson plan
Functional Language
Low-resource ESL lesson plan
45-60 min
Low-resource ESL lesson plan
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In this beginner ESL lesson, we introduce our students to the fundamental vocabulary associated with various places within a town. By the end of the lesson, students should be able to give a simple description of their hometown.

We start the lesson with a suggested boardwork activity where the students are introduced to the target language. After that, there are several low-resource activities where the students learn vocabulary related to each place and how to describe their own towns. To wrap up our session, we've included a fun classroom game that reinforces the newly learned language.

Lesson Outline

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Classroom activities

Low-resource ESL lesson plan

Use of the board

The students learn about the different places in a town from the teacher's drawing on the board.

Tell the students that they are going to help you to create a town and follow the instructions in the green box. The students should copy this into their notebooks. After that, add the question below the box and confirm that the students understand it. Finally, tell them that they are going to help you make sentences about the different activities that you can do in this town. Use mime to elicit examples for each place.

EFL - ESL Lead-in activity for teaching places in town

Low-resource ESL activity

Where am I?

Students have to mime activities related to different places in a town.

One at a time, students come to the front of the class to perform an action associated with a particular location. The other students have to guess the place and the activity. You can turn this into a game if you want, and it also serves as an excellent revision activity for future classes.

Low-resource ESL activity idea

My town

For this activity, the students are going to write about their hometown.

First, add the following prompts to the board at random points, inside clouds or bubbles. If you can, clarify their meaning in L1:

  • There is…
  • My town is called...
  • There are...
  • There are lots of...
  • There isn’t...
  • There aren’t any...
  • My favourite place is...
  • I hate going to...

Confirm that the students understand the prompts and tell them that they are going to write about their town. Advise them on the order of sentences. For example, explain that it’s better to start with the name, and end on their preferences. You can encourage the children to use adjectives by writing or talking about your hometown while the children work on the activity:

Teacher: In my town, there’s a beautiful church.

Low-resource ESL activity idea

My town: Presentation

In this follow-on activity, students will present their work to the class.

After completing the previous activity, students will now come to the front of the class to read their work.

Classroom games

Low-resource ESL classroom game

Build a town

Students have to move into the correct position based on prepositional statements.

This is a modification of the ‘Build a Zoo’ game and works just as well with places in the town. Start off by dividing the students into teams. Then, assign each student to a particular place. The students are now going to build a town based on your statements. To Begin, move a chair into the space to act as a starting point, you can tell the students that this is a car park. Proceed to give the students instructions on where to stand. For example:

Teacher: The church is next to the car park.

The student in play then moves into position, aided by their teammates. Give a point a team if a student positions themselves correctly.

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