EFL - ESL activities and games for teaching questions with have got

A collection of ESL activity and game ideas for teaching 'have got' style questions to beginners. These can be used either as a stand-alone lesson plan or to supplement an existing one. The recommended way to view these materials is through the TEFL Handbook app, which gives you offline access to everything on the site.

Lead-in activity

The example ESL board work below attempts to give a visual representation of the target language for this lesson. Most learners at this level have difficulty with word order and the verb conjugations. As always, use the colour-coded board text to help you think about what parts you should attempt to elicit. If you have competency in your students' L1, you could also have them translate some simple sentences to confirm their understanding.

EFL - ESL Lead-in activity for have got questions | Beginner

ESL classroom activities

Question circle

A fun and interactive ESL speaking activity that follows on from the board work. If you have used the sample board, have the students make and answer one question. Students will ask a question to their classmate on the right until everybody has had a turn.

What have you got?

This speaking activity will get your students applying the target language of this lesson. Start off by writing the following prompts on the board:

A brother
A sister
An uncle
An aunt
A cousin
A pet
A favourite football team/film/singer
A television in your bedroom
A bike
A skateboard

Then, in pairs, the students interview each other. You should monitor and correct any mistakes.

What has he/she got?

Now we flip the tracks and ask students questions about their partner to see if they can remember the answers. Encourage the other student to correct them if they answer incorrectly:

Teacher: Has she got a brother?
Student A: Yes, she has.
Student B: No, I haven't.
Student A: Sorry! No, she hasn’t.

Related games

Our suggestions for ESL games and activities require the minimum of resources (whiteboard and markers) and are perfect for low-resource classrooms.


This game tests your students' memory of their classmates' answers from the previous activity. Divide the class into two teams. On each turn, select one or several students from one team to ask the other team about. The other team gets a point if they guess the correct answer. Use questions that were asked during the previous exercise:

Teacher: (With three members of team B) Have they got sisters?
Team A: Yes, they have.
Team B: No, we haven’t.

More ESL lesson plans for beginners

Our suggested next lesson is on how to describe people. If you've found these materials useful, be sure to check out our full list of ESL lesson plans for beginners (A1 Upper), as well as our complete selection of EFL - ESL lesson plans. If you use an iOS or Android device, have a look at the TEFL Handbook app. An ESL lesson planner for English teachers. It has a lot more content and gives you faster access to our ESL resources, making it easier to use in class.

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